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Our Vision


Our vision is to build a community of people who work hard, sweat, and achieve more, maximizing their fitness goals in order to have fun and enjoy life with enhanced confidence, strength, and vigor.


Our Elite Fitness Coaches are National Strength and Conditioning Association certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS).  They are recognized as experts, in the field of Sports Performance and have coached and trained athletes ranging from weekend warriors to National, Olympic and Professional athletes across many sports.  With an extensive range of experience and success at all levels of sports performance, our Elite Fitness Coaches are here to help you achieve your goals from losing 5 pounds to winning a national championship!

Michael Kelly MS, C-NMT, CSCS, CCS, C-PRES


Michael, owner of No Limit Fitness / Sports Performance, and has 30+ years in the fitness industry. 


His is a respected and knowledgeable sports performance coaches and has built a community focused on goal achievement and good health. 


Former Division 1 Collegiate Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


Former US Olympic Bobsled Head Trainer


Former Strength & Conditioning / Post Rehab Consultant to the Baltimore Ravens


Former Strength & Conditioning Coach with Crystal Palace FC USA


Former Consultant to Crystal Palace FC UK


Personal Strength & Conditioning Coach to various NFL, MLS, NBA, Olympic, NCAA and high school athletes 

Christian Mazariegos  CSCS, ACSM

Christian is a trainer at No Limit Fitness / Sports Performance with 6 years of experience in the fitness and sports performance industry.

Graduated Towson University with a degree in exercise science

Collegiate Athlete in Baseball and Soccer

Club Soccer Champion

"My satisfaction comes from my clients, I love when they meet and exceed their goals..."

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